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Concealed Carry Training Offered by…Churches?

jclemons Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 5:59 PM
I am delighted that Leah did this article. But the real deal here isn't attracting men to go to church. The real deal is manyfold: A small congregation sustains a small number..a larger one can offer a number of services to families. These "guys" won't care whether the visitor is a man or woman. Morrow County is on austerity. Fewer deputy sherrifs? Less protection of life. Better skilled owners? More safety. Would you, as a Christian, rather these skills be taught by people who don't "get" the restraints of law and peace that the Christian heart ought embrace? American believers gave you your Bill of Rights with prayer, an example of unity, and blood. Thanks, Leah, for telling this story. That took courage. God bless you.

Churches are always looking for new ways to reach out to people—especially men. Some houses of worship across the U.S. have ostensibly found the answer: Offer concealed-carry weapons training. The Daily has the details:

In an effort to increase membership, a number of U.S. churches — including the Church of Christ congregation in this rural village 30 miles north of Columbus — are offering an unconventional public service: Concealed weapons training.

“Church has done a good job with coffee klatsches or whatever, but we haven’t really reached out to guys,” said Jeff Copley, a preacher at...

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