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Quit calling them immigrants. They are illegal aliens. They are foreign nationals. Thanks. Who really expected any of them to show up? Least of all the government.
What is an unwanted child? Please define that term. Is that a child not yet born that somebody thinks no one wants? Who decided to have an abortion under coercion. Consent is invalid if coerced. Must be nice to be able to get inside of others heads to determine their motives when you don't even know them. That might be a marketable skill in a tough economy. With your self-informed ability to predict future political demographics, you might have the capacity to look backward through history and determine the advent of the phenomenon of hypocrisy and predict whether it would appear in all walks of life throughout time.
Thank you Ken Blackwell, from a disability advocate with a 20 year track record. American signing of a UN treaty of this kind would put blood on all of our hands, and take a horrible bite out of US sovereignty. Having said that, the specific rights and concerns of Americans with disabilities, have not had enough political attention in this past year. In rejecting this treaty for all the good reasons you mention, we must set the best example in the world for dignity, humanity, inclusion, integration, opportunity, and self-determination...working with, not FOR, people with disabilities and those advocates that they choose freely. Kudos
YES!!! Kevin good for you. This elderly rural white Christian conservative widow gives you thumbs up.
I am delighted that Leah did this article. But the real deal here isn't attracting men to go to church. The real deal is manyfold: A small congregation sustains a small number..a larger one can offer a number of services to families. These "guys" won't care whether the visitor is a man or woman. Morrow County is on austerity. Fewer deputy sherrifs? Less protection of life. Better skilled owners? More safety. Would you, as a Christian, rather these skills be taught by people who don't "get" the restraints of law and peace that the Christian heart ought embrace? American believers gave you your Bill of Rights with prayer, an example of unity, and blood. Thanks, Leah, for telling this story. That took courage. God bless you.
As a woman, I learned late in life to shoot and hunt because my late husband did so, and put meat on our table in times when we had very little to live on. When he paid his tag fee, he was doing his share of the 95% of state funding to conserve wildlife. Women my age were by-and large obstructionist and ignorant of the facts of conservation and wildlife funding. I learned. He taught me shooting longarms and hunting, and we became "buddies". Our bond grew. He's dead now, but if he were here, he'd say..no better way to learn concealed carry than from a group of Christian hunters. Things are tight. My son is going to help me buy a pistol. As sooon as I have it..guess where I'm going?
..why? the British at that time used standing armies to herd inconvenient men, women and children into churches, and imprison them, or burn the churches...crispy, dead Christians...or Jews, or black, or white...seditious libel was the King's law to shut everyone's mouth, with the threat of noose. Christians are saved by grace, but they are not immune to ignorance of history. A little Congregation that sees a need for safety and skill in firearms ownership is wise to do their part to defend religious, speech and assembly freedom,as well as lawful 2nd amendment RESPONSIBILITY! Yes..it IS a responsibility, not just a right. At founding..perhaps just for men..today? Women too. I am a woman. When I am ready, these church members will teach me.
What I think that many Americans (particularly in my opinion, not claiming its spot on, just mine) and Christians need to think about more is how the 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment knit together, by design of brilliant Founders who knew history (like we DON"T) to protect freedom of speech and assembly and religion. Too many take the 1st amendment rights (and responsibilities) way to much for granted, and don't realize that words and pens, as powerful as they may be, aren't enough to protect those rights. As long as citizens buy and own guns, the implication is: don't tread on my neighbor, or me. Founders EXPECTED all men to own guns and be able to use them safely and with skill, because standing armies were very mistrusted...why?
I live near Marengo..just 8 miles away. It's a great little town. It wasn't long after Ohio passed our well-ordered and responsible concealed carry law, that the little church on the corner of two St.Rtes. posted their class announcements alternately with Christian messages on their letterboard sign out front. My initial reaction (and still is): Good for them!! The church has a next-door neighbor who posts very critical messages essentially saying that this is an un-Christian action on the part of the church. It's okay for them to do this because free speech is a great thing for both the neighbor, and the Church members, and all of us. Free speech is a national treasure.
I feel this article makes a few valid points. It doesn't, however adequately discuss values that matter to members of racial minorities and the extent to which these values are reflected in an active conservative community. To what degree does the Republican party squarely address the "beefs" that a black voter would sincerely voice? It obviously isn't useful for white guys and gals to snipe at one another as to who is or is not racist, or snort at the rationales behind labels and accusations. The negativity of the late campaign may be masking a rise of mature critical thinking. Less heat...more light! Isn't that what leadership is?
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