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It's "do as I say, not as I do" for Harry Reid....should you start telling Mormon jokes in his presence? Actually, I don't think so, because that is lumping all of the other Mormons into the same group as Harry Reid, and I don't believe they are like that at all. Harry is a rich, privileged politician who has let his political clout go to his head. Apparently, his common sense has bypassed his brain, and he spouts whatever he thinks is funny (to him). If that had been a Republican politician doing that, the Democrats would have been all over him in outrage.....how about the MSM?
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CNN Refuses Anti-Hamas ad

jclark854835 Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 3:19 PM
what was CNN's reason for refusing.....did they say? Are they afraid that if they air the ad that THEIR reporters will be kidnapped, or that Hamas won't talk to them any longer? I guess it's more important to get ratings than to get the truth.
I wouldn't put Biden in charge of the pay toilets in Washington, he'd find a way to screw that up, too.
Well, guess I won't be making any pilgramages to Six Flags.....wherever they are.....
So, diBlasio is going to take a page from Chicago's book? Good luck with that, because as we all know, the criminals are going to be lining up at every precinct of the NYPD to turn in their firearms, right? Just like they're doing in Southside Chicago, in Detroit, in Lost Angeles, and Miami? Yep, keep believing that, and don't forget to feed your unicorn and clean its stall daily, diBlasio.
and they've forgotten that the Revolutionary War started on THEIR ground.......so much for the "Cradle of Liberty".........
I seem to recall a provision in Obamacare that states that doctors CANNOT ask, cannot report any kind of mental issues to the National Instant Background Check or the NICS, or any other government office...period.....that includes prohibiting the doctor from asking about whether you own any firearms, and they cannot send your answers in, either, regardless of what you tell them or what they think......so, which law takes precedence?
I guess Mr. Brand never watched Piers Morgan on HIS show.........maybe he would have reconsidered his opinion.....
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Has John McCain Lost His Mind?

jclark854835 Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 11:45 AM
McCain and others should take note of Roman history. Rome, at one time the mightiest empire in the European region, fell not because of the outrageous sexual escapades of its emperors. It fell because it could no longer afford the massive expenditures that were used to keep the populace "entertained". They called it "bread and circuses", because of the massive imports of grain and the continuous entertainments in the various arenas around the city. There was far less revenue generated in taxes than was spent in such lavish expenditures, and Rome was forced to hire mercenaries to defend her empire. Eventually, when these mercenaries couldn't be paid, they either revolted, left, or turned into Rome's ravagers. When you look at the path we're on here, while our national debt might not be as comparatively burdensome as Rome's, it's nonetheless something about which we should be ashamed. Don't start pointing fingers at Bush, or claiming that Clinton was a "fiscal genius", because neither are the complete truth. When we stop being the "big brother" to every little conflict in the world that has the potential to become a regional war, and start working on our own problems, perhaps we'll start back on the road to recovery. Seriously, though, I doubt that will happen, as too many people are now getting their "bread and circuses" and don't want to give them up. Alas for the United States that was.......
I see!!!! It's okay for the Democrats to be bringing up someone's heritage, but let the Republicans say one word about Obama's heritage, and we're all racists......tell me, where do you draw the line at racism, Ms. Groob? And what kind of name is Groob, anyway? Is it American? Seems to me that Kennedy wasn't an "American" name, either, nor was Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Wilson, Harrison, Jefferson, or Washington, either........Go away, Ms. Groob, you're irrelevant.
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