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Womack Seeks to Close Quill Loophole, Force Online Stores to Pay State Sales Tax

JCinTexas Wrote: Aug 08, 2012 10:34 AM
Isn't this an extension of the Laffer Curve? If government imposes too high of a tax, won't the taxpayers do whatever they can to 'beat' the tax man? States like WA and OR.... WA State imposes a sales tax and OR does not... get significant cross state traffic to beat the sales tax and merchants in WA State waive the tax on those with Oregon ID's. Doesn't the Constitution specifically deny a state the ability to restrict trade by imposing taxes on transactions that take place in another state? This should fall into the realm of competition vs monopoly. Just like TX is competing for businesses to relocate in from draconian taxing entities like CA and IL and NY, the merchants should press for lower taxes at home for all residents.

When President George H. W. Bush raised taxes in the 1990 budget deal, it not only meant breaking his “Read my lips” promise with the American people. It was also from that time forward that conservatives in Congress have opposed any and all tax increases.

But in 1990, most of the Internet did not have pictures and online retail was whatever forum was hot on CompuServe.

Now online commerce is the dominant force in retail—and while downtown or mall customers pay state sales taxes, online shoppers get off scot free.

There is now a major bill working its way through Capitol...