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I don't consider them hypocrites, but a cult. The movies they have been producing for the past several decades, full of violence, and murder, is a depiction of themselves. They pretend to be above wickedness to ensnare their victims by ambush. Yes, these are some very sick people. Hell will be full of them, and I suppose once they all arrive, they will change it to Hellwood. You can't help but wonder, how their sick minds work. Unfortunately, there aren't enough prisons in California to house them all, and they all need to be in prison.
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Hillary Clinton Dodges A Shoe

jchartrand Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 5:40 PM
I've got a closet full of shoes to toss. Hillary, is so embarrassing, but she feels no shame. If we stripped these politicians of their freedom, and their wealth, I wonder if then they would feel it was for the common good? It isn't a problem when you aren't in the mix.
Why is it that Bill Gates always talks about, and focuses on Vaccines and Pharma companies?...hmmm Someone with wealth, certainly has the right to choose his own charities, but they are not impresses, and who is he really helping? Not so sure his opinion is one that would influence me. I cannot seem to forget about the people that were forced to take those vaccines, and many who died from them. But since "Bill" said it was for the good of all, I suppose that makes it alright.
Exactly!!! Ironic! "Mad"-uro, he is only another president who is trying to destroy his own country. Venezuelan's are fleeing to other countries to get away from this "Mad Man" and his corruption. I hope he is not deceiving anyone, but himself. Any leader who causes others to flee their own nation, should have the common decency to step down, and would, if they were not a fascist.
If this global warming stunt wasn't a scheme to steal more taxes, from tax payers, I would just laugh, and ignore the whole thing. But when stupidity cost, we take it seriously, although it will make you sick to your stomach, to reply to such foolishness. And if there were such a thing as global warming, what could anyone do about it, shoot the Sun down? I would like to see Al Nimrod Gore, try it. It isn't "global warming", it is "God's warning". Daniel 2:21 He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding; I think that leaves Al out, since he is not wise, nor can he understand anything beyond his own ego. The only global warming I know of, comes with menopause, but we call it hot flashes.
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Taxing the Healthy?

jchartrand Wrote: Feb 10, 2014 6:05 PM
Michelle Obama, should not be giving out advice about what is healthy. It is physically obvious, she doesn't know a thing about it. I wager she did not developed her double fatty buttocks, from eating lettuce, and drinking mineral water. We know what is happening here, the same as obama care, it is a tax. Another way to steal money from Americans, to pay for the governments frivolous spending. The government is waaaaaay overstepping its boundaries.
Its not sports any longer, it's a business, anything that is a big money maker, always has corrupt officials. Why don't they get together and fire this commissioner? (I'm not a sports fan, so this may be something I do not understand). I do keep up with who the players are, and what teams win. And I keep up with certain players, who are godly men, like Manning, and Tebow. From what I read in this article, I would guess that this commissioner is not respected by too many people. I suppose he is under a contract, but there must be a way of getting him out. It would probably be easier getting a corrupt official out of the NFL, than it would be the White House.
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No More Poor...Not a Dream

jchartrand Wrote: Jan 23, 2014 9:20 AM
I would not be willing to quote Bill Gates on anything. "By almost any measure, the world is better than it has ever been." -Bill Gates When did he make this quote? I hope it wasn't over the past several years. If so, It is a false sense of security on his part. I have traveled to many other countries. I actually see a couple, which are considered 3rd world, doing better than the US now. Perhaps that may be because many US companies have moved off-shore. Or perhaps it's because they don't have our government.
Great thought! It is a matter of being practical, and not allowing society to tell us what makes us successful. That can mean different things to different people. I have realized in my own life, the more material things you own, the more it increases your burdens. When in reality, we don't really need all of it. Of course, now that we have Obama"care"....we may find ourselves feeling less rich, and more below the poverty line.
Liberals (democrat's or republican's) are always trying to fit that square peg, into a round hole. The economy would run more smoothly, If they put everything where it fits. $15 an hour minimum wage will not work for unskilled, and uneducated employees. If a company is forced to pay $15 an hour, they are going to hire workers who are more skilled, most likely someone who has been to college, since there are many college graduates out of work now. Then the unskilled employee, who has no education will end up unemployed. Or: Companies will hire less employees, so in the end, the benefits will not be there, for the unskilled, and uneducated. They may find themselves, in a worse position, than they were before. If you want the pay, you need to better yourself, before you expect better wages.
What about "Global Freezing"? I'm all for global warming, if it actually existed.
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