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Bush's overall demeaner was of a liar and idiot ... there is history supporting this belief If you have the evidence to support it .... then you should believe it until something else shows differently
McCain's 2009 budget plan had a $1.1 trillion deficit .. nothing would be different
The national debt was supposed to be paid off on Dec 31 2009 ... the Bush tax cuts changed all of that
Republicans during the Bush admin proved you WRONG .. they spent like drunken sailors with no money in the govt coffers
Obama turned around the Republican Wrecked economy .... after a financial collapse and a depression .. yes a depression ... Are you really so dishonest to say things would be any different had McCain won?
Larry Elder is an idiot. Nobel Winners Krugman and Stiglitz trump him every day of his life
Bush dumped 8 trillion in future debt on the next few presidents no matter who they wre going to be. McCain's 2009 budget plan had a deficit of 1.1 trillion ... so if you think a repub president would not have spent 5 trillion ... you are sadly mistake
Larry Elder vs. Krugman and Stiglitz ? LOL! You make cuts and pay down debt in good times not bad.
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