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Conservatives and the Court

jcampbell903 Wrote: Jun 30, 2012 9:48 PM
There is no act taken by the Obama administration, no matter how tyrannical, which elicits reaction of any kind. There is no loss of rights inflicted upon Americans that will cause Democrats to speak up against Americans no longer have any rights which their government need respect. The onslaught against civil liberties and human rights has been perfected under the Obama regime with the complete and unqualified support of the congressional Democratic majority.

It has traditionally been liberals, not conservatives, who have looked to the courts to implement their policy preferences. Whether it was racial and sex preferences, abortion, gay marriage, capital punishment or the "rights" of illegal aliens, liberals have attempted to move the country left by judicial fiat.

Judges, after all, are highly educated elites. The political views of people with advanced degrees tend to be liberal. It's far easier to seduce a few robed lawyers to issue congenial rulings than it is to undertake the hard and lengthy work of persuading millions of voters to elect people who agree with you.