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What is the world coming to when once respected magazines like "Time" nominate Fascists and Communists as Men of the year!?
Thank You for not prostituting Colorado’s Education on the table of Federal Dole. Common Core curriculum is a sell out to all we hold dear.
That is his secret. In the long run he will make the average taxpayer pay for his shenanigans by having his hopefuls raise your taxes. We probably won't even see them coming in the disguise of some other tax bill.
Obama has been given workable ways of solving our problems. He still refuses to see reason behind any of them. Is he so narcissistic that he can not be flexible on the issues? It is OK to allow the idea that there is more than one way to solve these problems. He does not have to be right all the time.
Pelosi spent Saturday drafting new Automatic Weapon Ban Legislation w/ associate riders. Obama visited the families of the victims Sunday, regardless of what was said in these interviews, he can now claim he has a "mandate" of the people. They are still in hysteria over what happened? That is just plain cruel! But we are asked to wait to answer these actions. We have already waited too long and lost the advantage. Now is the time we draw our replies and set our ground. Even a small portion of the 310,000,000 gun owners in America is enough to slow this assault if not crush it all together. Make your voice heard now!!!
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