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Billions for Burgers

jcampbell720 Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 1:03 AM
Your name might be "homernoble" but you are stupid and boring, at best

Most Americans know that the budget deficit stems from reckless spending, but they remain unaware of the wasteful nature of the so called “investments.” For instance, the feds spent $85 million last year and—and $834 million over 10 years—just to subsidize snacks on the government rail system, Amtrak.


In Amtrak snack cars, hamburgers go for $9.75 but cost tax payers $16 thanks to lavish labor contracts. Does it really make sense to borrow nearly a billion dollars more from China to subsidize burgers and fries for Joe Biden and other Amtrak passengers?


Meanwhile, we’ll waste another $16 billion in...