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Culture of Death and the Batman Shooting

jburns225 Wrote: Jul 24, 2012 5:35 AM
(Pt 4) This Saturday-- stop-- no regular scheduled activities, turn off the internet, shut off everything including phones, xBox, Wii, television...gather your family on the Sabbath (Saturday) no matter the age of your children, gather your tribe (that mean family) get together with other tribes (community members --families) hold hands and pray....each read a passage from the Bible--no interpretation no screaming no yelling no professing. Just calmly and quietly pray. God will heal all. No blame of who did what..just pray. Break for food, sleep, and to clean ourselves up, no special dress for church or worship, come as you are and walk to church. No driving the fancy car...leave the check book at home, pray...

Clearly, what our nation needs is more “separation of church and state.” If those obnoxious, right-wing Bible thumpers would simply quit bellowing about the need for revival – a return to the deeply held Judeo-Christian principles embraced by our Founding Fathers – America would be a much better place.

Secular-humanism – that’s the ticket! We need more reliance on man and less on God.

At the time of this writing, I’m sitting just a few miles from a Century 16 theatre in Aurora, Colo., where, in the early morning hours of July 20, 2012, a deranged, fame-starved gunman shot dead...