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(pt 5) The answers will come on how to heal and fix this mess with our world that we all had and equal share in screwing up.
(Pt 4) This Saturday-- stop-- no regular scheduled activities, turn off the internet, shut off everything including phones, xBox, Wii, television...gather your family on the Sabbath (Saturday) no matter the age of your children, gather your tribe (that mean family) get together with other tribes (community members --families) hold hands and pray....each read a passage from the Bible--no interpretation no screaming no yelling no professing. Just calmly and quietly pray. God will heal all. No blame of who did what..just pray. Break for food, sleep, and to clean ourselves up, no special dress for church or worship, come as you are and walk to church. No driving the fancy car...leave the check book at home, pray...
(Pt 3) We would rather put $1K into a bond for a future that is on shaky ground than into 200 lunch boxes for strangers prepared by ourselves and handed out by ourselves on a Saturday afternoon. As a country we would rather sit on the sidelines, yell, and criticize that which we know nothing about, invent historical facts, tell lies, spread lies which we think are true, than to find out what is just and rightly fact because it has become easy. Yet we call ourselves Christians and it is okay for someone else to get their hands dirty in the cleanup because I am too worried about my possessions, personal being and image. It is sad to say this is our society. It is time to face facts and wake up to realism.
Why? I know the answer. In this selfishness of a republic we have stopped the concept of the biblical giving of our selves---our time, our energy our efforts for the greater of mankind. We go through the motions of what is expected as Christians; but we don't really mean it in so many cases and are still empty spiritually because there is concept of self honesty. We quote a book (Bible) write a check (for a tithe) then go about our day--critically in serious trouble of not really accepting any responsibility but leaving all tasks of what needs to be done in uniting to someone else-- social services, our local charity, a social worker, etc. We have forgotten how to give of ourselves the simple kindness to pick a stranger up when they fall.
Separation of Church and state was meant so that the church could not interfere in the workings of government like in England--and is defined so differently now than it was once. Our country has lost it definition so uniquely put. Over the years we have grown into a selfish lot of "Me" or "I" and not what is best for a whole. It saddens me to say that we have also grown spiritually materialistic. We have lost the concept of the true meaning of heroes and how to stand united because we are divided into sub-cultures, and so forth. In our mundane lives we find it necessary to be more interested in the gruesomeness of a horrific traffic accident or glued to the television watching some horrible crime being committed --real and fantasy. Why?
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