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Because they are always angry and unhappy and whining 'bout one thing or another. Must be hayl to live that way....
hayes is full of hate like his fellow anchors at Msbcn. What they say is inconsequential.
Gosh, is this what Harvard-educated people turn out to be ?.......wimpy and Whiny and "it ain't my fault."
An "educated" one is the most dangerous.......
She said she enjoys having sex......wonder if her partner enjoys having sex. ....but being an unmarried lesbian she prolly never has the same sex partner twice.....
Does anybody understand what she said ? Does she understand what she said ? Does anybody care what she said ?
Be honest. What are her accomplishments? Answer is nothing.
Glad they (the slugs @ msbcn) are finally telling the truth...Hillary has never accomplished anything. Where would she be if not for being the doormat wife of Bill ?
Wow !.....two great minds there !
Why do we care about that Oaeibadda person or that Pie Glenn person ? Never heard of either person They are apparently of the same class as that Lizzard Winstead woman who also claims to be a comedian. They are all, including that affirmative action Dash Perry woman, trash.
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