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Nor did large well-armed gatherings at gun shows and shooting ranges or skeet shoots or deer hunts or whatever.
It was actually 1927.
The son was willing to commit murder to get firearms. He shot his own mom in the face while sleeping, after all. If she had locked them, he seems perfectly willing to have tortured the location of the key out of her. Or are we to suppose she would have let her throat be slit with a handy kitchen knife without talking? And, if the loon hadn't gotten a gun from the house after committing murder, one then supposes he was unwilling to murder someone else for their firearms. Or, simply do like the drunken loser who killed 87 people in the Happy Land Fire and get a gallon of gasoline.
Indeed, the framer's were pretty darn clear they wanted the populace to have arms to defend themselves should a government become tyrannical. They had just used their arms to revolt against arguably the world's finest foot soldiers.
Facts are troublesome things.
I am stunned how fast the memory of 87 young people killed with a gallon of gasoline in 1990 in the Bronx has faded from discussion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happy_Land_fire The drunken loser's motive was a fight with his former girlfriend and his solution was to torch the club where she worked. Maybe we need to ban "assault gas cans"?
It doesn't take 4-5 seconds to swap a magazine, either. A little practice can get it down to a second or so.
Uh, and what of the harm to the nation caused by policies we know are bad? The debts piled onto our children and grandchildren? The unemployment? The just plain suffering. Sorry, but evil triumphs when good men do nothing.
The irony is that no group may have suffered more economically under the this president than black Americans.
To the sky is falling GOP, I have to wonder if this is any worse than Goldwater's thrashing by Johnson. We recovered from that pretty handily. The Congress was Democrat for most of my lifetime until the Contract with America flipped it. The reality is that one party has committed us to a clearly unsustainable course. They will roll us past $20 trillion in debt. At some, they will run out of other people's money. That is when socialism fails.
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