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This article is madness. I hope its a joke. John Black
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The Underpants Gnome Caucus

jblack35 Wrote: Feb 17, 2014 11:40 AM
Derek, you are right. Your analogy last column of people wanting to play checkers in a game of chess was right on. Another analogy is that Republicans are holding a losing hand at the moment. You don't go all in with a losing hand. You fold it and work towards building a hand that you can turn into a real gain. Keep up the strategic thinking and common sense!
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Obamacare Changes in One Infographic

jblack35 Wrote: Feb 14, 2014 3:15 PM
Does this even include the 2500 waivers granted to cronies and political donors?
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Income Inequality: A Third Option

jblack35 Wrote: Jan 29, 2014 11:35 AM
"Rand lumped charitable Christians in with all of the other parasites, but those passages aren't typically quoted by the average libertarian." Which passages would those be? John Black
FFS, why are parents putting up with this garbage?
Since this is only measuring growth, it paints a distorted picture. What Obama did was to take the TARP + Stimulus levels of spending which were supposed to be one time things, and BAKE THEM IN to the new bottom line that we're going to spend every single year from now on. That's an additional almost $2 Trillion dollars that we can't afford and which has taken spending from 20% to 24% of GDP which is wildly unsustainable. John Black
The Christian position is to assume that the bible is the word of god and not man and thus the words written in the bible represent the truth. In the same way, Muslims believe the Koran is the word of god and that book is the truth. None of these books can be questioned. These kinds of epistemologies lead to all kinds of errors which cannot be addressed by believers.
Ms. Hicks says "The pillar of faith for Christians is truth, and truth isn’t up for debate." What is truth is always up for debate. That is the problem with faith based epistemology - truth is not sought, but rather it is defined by a book that is thousands of years old. It cannot be questioned. Errors cannot be sought or addressed. Truth is truth - I'm not one of those relativists that says there is no truth, but it must always be up for debate.
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