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Liberal Columnist: These Devastating 'You Didn't Build That' Attacks Sure Are Racist

jbirckhead Wrote: Jul 29, 2012 9:24 PM
Politics is no doubt a nasty profession but a necessary one. The fight over this nation or any nation is astounding. We fight among ourselves for a nation given to us by our founders to persue happiness and we all are unhappy. We constantly attack each other. I love it. Are we ungreatful and greedy. No doubt. I like to think of myself, protective since I have no money and I am very greatful to our founders. Get ready left, here I come

Like the rising of the sun in the east and its setting in the west, one can always count on some element of the Left to resort to the 'R-word' to shield President Obama from the consequences of his own words and actions.  Today, the inevitable officially occurred.  Take it away, Jonathan Chait:

Mitt Romney’s plan of blatantly lying about President Obama’s “you didn’t build that” speech is clearly drawing blood. But what makes the attack work so well is not so much the lie itself but the broader subtext of it. Watch Obama’s delivery...