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Four more years of this heirachy and I smell revolution. Our nation will not adhere to a fascist state. A Supreme Court owned by the White House, a nation under attack by a group backed by Spain (muslims) a very takeover to say the least. Hitler did it in 1939. We can only hope a mutiny on the USOA will take place and restore her liberties and freedoms for all who will honor their oath and abide by her laws.
Why is the statute of the minute men still in Boston? There hasn't been any patriots in Boston for 236 years.
Pelosi should not buy legos , Bubba. It is not in her level of her intelligence. I agree pa! But how can we shut her up. I know pa' I will send her a shirt, Pa. Please! someone help me I am tongue stupid.
I agree but that would be like getting invited to a meeting of the mafia. Instead audit the Senators. I guarantee it, there is much unreported income from under the table that is being withheld from our quite unconcerned Department of The Treasury. When was the last time a U.S. Senator was audited bt our gracious IRS. Wake up America. Do you want this nation or not.
Will the democrats have a convention. Turning tail and running away from Reid, Pelosi and Obama. I understand the Kitchen is getting hot.
There is much we can do now. Start by impeaching this inpersonator. Americans want to know the truth. College Transcripts, Birth Records not forged, Selective Service Records, Social Security Number. It;s asked of you and me and we are nobody's.
Democracy: Ruled by a mob. Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Mandates, handcuff law. Laws for the few but not for all. Unfair taxation without representation.
Hello Senate. I have some books for your library. Budgeting for DUMMIES. Economics 101 for DUMMIES and How to Be a US Senator for DUMMIES.
A public official is not above scrutnization unless you are living in North Korea. Teachers are stupid and afraid to speak their true minds in fear of retribution . Chicago politics and New York politics thank they have controll of mine and your liberties. I say bullcock, bring it on baby. Here is one conservative ready for you The Left. Class warfare. I welcome it, I am so glad Obama brought this upon this nation and we will soon see who wins. What will be the ultimate satisfaction for the left. Is takeover of heaven n ext on the list. Lookout GOD, you might be in trouble. A marxist, facist Heaven. You want perfection in your life. Then wait till you die.
His vision of government. Strong are the courts, strongarm congress. I am in charge and no one else. I can mandate law or just orally speak it and it's law. Yes, I am arrogant, cocky and better than you. Yes, I cannot communicate or is it we can"t comprehend and read between the lines. I will destroy the rich and the classes. This nation will succumb to Kenya baby.
I support Romney. I support conservatives not a moderate regardless of party. I do not watch MSNBC, ABC, CBS news media. I watch FOX News only. If you vote for Obama you will not get a better job or job at all. Your liberties as an American will be stripped from you, your chidren and their children. The left, the ones that can communicate not like Obama, talks trash. What planet did these people come from. They like to speak for you for you are ignorant to them. You are beneath them. You are on Food Stamps and welfare. You do not need to be a responsible citizen anymore. You will not advance and get better. In otherwords follow the facists and they will decide where your children will go to school. what you will eat. Get it
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