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Unions Furious: Michigan to Become Right-to-Work State Today

JB in MS Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 11:44 AM
I'll never buy another Chrysler product again anyway, so if they're built by stoners and drunks, I don't particularly care. Pity the poor uninformed fool (and they aren't many) that screw up and buy Chrysler trash. With only the Lancer as a new product in recent years, and failing efforts to sell tiny Fiats, Chrysler may not be long for this world in any event. Then these clowns will have plenty of time to drink! I hope their union bosses will run to the liquor store for them.

The vote to turn Michigan into a right-to-work state will take place today after days of protests in Lansing about the pro-worker legislation that prevents having to pay dues to a union. Not surprisingly, local police are bracing for possible violence today as more protests are planned.

Even with the outcome considered a foregone conclusion, the heated battle over right-to-work legislation in the traditional union bastion of Michigan shows no sign of cooling.

Authorities in Lansing were bracing for an onslaught of demonstrators Tuesday at the Michigan Capitol as the Legislature reconvenes for...