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Time for You to Address Violence in Black Communities, Mr. Obama

JB in MS Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 12:19 PM
Actually, far more whites than blacks are on welfare - but that's because there are far more whites in the population. You're right, though, that as a percentage a much larger % of blacks than whites are on welfare, and a much larger % of blacks have been on welfare for a longer time period, generation to generation, to where it has become a lifestyle choice rather than a safety net. And yes, liberal policies of enslaving blacks to dependency on government is the cause, because it ensures their ovewhelmingly Democrat voting pattern. Break free, folks; it's the Democrats that have put y'all back in chains. (Credit to Joe Biden)

Dear Mr. Obama,

This week Hadiya Pendleton was shot and murdered in Chicago just days after performing with high school marching band at your second inauguration.

She was a majorette in addition to playing volleyball and being an honor student at King College Prep High School.

My plea to you is you attend her funeral.

My plea is that after the funeral you address the entire nation in prime time and discuss an epidemic that's eroding our nation and destroying millions of dreams.

That is the real epidemic of violence in black communities

There is no better example than your hometown of Chicago or Chi-Raq as many locals have begun to call...

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