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Once again demonstrating their amazing business acumen, Democrats insist that insurance companies make "evil and excessive profits" by cancelling the policies of hundreds of thousands of their clients. "Why, we'd be better off with no customers at all" claims insurance company CEO. In other news, even though Kroger is losing fifty cents on every dozen eggs it sells, they insist that if they just sell more they will make it up in volume - you know, if Kroger was run by Obama, Reid, and Pelousy. Idiots and fools, one and all.
Yeah, missed that too! Too bad for that poor guy, though.
Guarantee we will see an executive order that forbids employers from informing their people of policy cancellations or massive price increases for insurance until right AFTER the election. Absolutely guarantee it. Remember the White House threatening employers about sending out termination notices due to Obamacare until after the 2012 elections, insisting they violate the law and wait to notify of potential job losses? Small potatoes compared to what's coming in 2014!
"A government which sanctions partial birth abortion and a President that favors infanticide..." there, fixed it for you.
Now you know why Obama pushed back the employer mandate by a year...of course, as it turns out, having millions more find out they are losing their policies and/or paying much, much more just weeks before the next election may not have been such a smart move by the smartest president ever. But then, he's not up for re-election, and it is all about him, after all. Expect to see an executive order forbidding employers from informing their employees about loss of their insurance policies until after mid-November, 2014.
smitty, I wish you only the best in your battle. Sorry you have to battle the ravages of cancer and the ravages of liberal policies at the same time. God speed, and good luck. Prayers are with you.
Even as hard as the AP tried to spin tis story, you can still pick up the stench of Obamacare as it destroys private health care and redistributes wealth to the Dems core voting groups across the nation. In other words, it's working exactly as intended.
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DHS Abusing Overtime Pay

JB in MS Wrote: Nov 02, 2013 3:41 PM
Nonsense! There are many, many salaried positions in the private sector in which people routinely work 50 hours/week or more. I worked in a management position for many years that was salaried, and which required 50+ hours/week on a regular basis, as well as many weekends, holidays, and evenings/nights. The flip side is that when you need a day or part of a day for doctor appts, family matters, etc. and you work under 40 hours, your pay does not get docked - but we were never allowed to abuse that small perk. Make them salaried, with a minimum hour requirement and the expectation that on certain occasions it might require more; they're not going to leave a cushy federal job and the generous benefits and retirement pay over that! To do what, go try to find something comparable in the private sector? Fat chance!
But...but this time they are bring in "the A-Team"! Apparently before they were relying on 20,000 monkeys, each with its own keyboard.
The mainstream media has been bending over for Obama and other liberals for so long that they can no longer straighten their backs. No way they can change now without admitting they've been dead wrong for the last 40 years or so. Ain't gonna happen!
Good ole' Hick! He conveniently ignores the fact that the NRA probably has tens of thousands of members in CO, while the Michael Bloomberg fan club does not. Governor, the NRA is not an "outside organization", and you might recall that they spent a much smaller sum than the Bloomie folks and were barely involved in the last recall, as the anti-gun forces spent over 5 times as much money as the pro-2nd Amendment folks. Nice spin though, you lying liberal loon!
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