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You left out incompetent, useless, and moronic when you listed the traits of this Admin.
Every time ol' Dumpling-Face opens his mouth he reveals his stupidity. What an embarrassment this guy is...then again, that just makes him a perfect fit in this Administration. Next time someone is asked about Hillary's accomplishments instead of being struck dumb they will be able to say "Well, she's not John Kerry!"
I'll do the same, as I have in the past, EXCEPT - I will NOT vote for any Republican that has spent time and energy vilifying the Tea Party, calling them extremists, or "wacko-birds", or "the far-right fringe" of the Party. I can vote for someone that is somewhat moderate; I cannot vote for anyone that is utterly ignorant enough to pander to the Democrats and alienate a major part of the party's base. I can support someone that is somewhat less conservative than I'd like, but I will not vote to send a lying, ignorant, stupid moron to DC. If that's all we want, let the Democrat win!
Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be Plouffey. I guess now we know what Obama Pajama boy does when he's not in mom's basement! What a bunch of vicious lying liars and liars that lie for them.
"I guess the EPA then forgot to think about the next logical step." Eh, who needs logic when you have unicorns and pixie dust? These guys are so utterly incompetent, so completely out of touch with how the world works, that the mind boggles!
And which Republicans, exactly, might those be?
You actually have to ask that question after watching these lying, useless clowns for 5 years now? This strikes me as the Obama Administration's "Mission Accomplished!" moment, where the mission is nowhere near accomplished, and many more will die as a result. Of course, with their constant lies and lack of "transparency" (this from the most transparent administration ever) it will be harder to tell, but I have complete faith in their ability to fail.
Yes, they are that stupid - and then some. I used to be an employer with a retail business in an urban area, and I would get job applications that would make you laugh, if you weren't crying for what these kids were going to do to our country. I had people that were 17 years old or more that could not fill in all the blanks without help, or spell the name of the street they had lived on their whole lives, or do even the simplest of math equations. Frightening.
You gotta admit, the man knows exactly how stupid his supporters are! Too bad they're so dumb that they can't see how their trust is being abused.
Nope. It's in the law, with no flexibility.
Actually, you're dead wrong; those dates are written into the actual language of the 2,000 page law, not left for the bureaucrat hacks to fill in on their 20,000+ pages of garbage. Obama does not have the Constitutional authority to unilaterally rewrite laws passed by Congress. Lucky for him he gets to pack the courts now, so any challenges will come to naught.
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