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And the old-school GOP Establishment dirtbags use the same tactics - except they use it against conservatives, not Democrats. Just take a look at the garbage the campaign of the disgusting Thad Cochran is spouting about his opponent Chris McDaniel. The GOP fears and attacks conservatives and Tea Party candidates much more vigorously than it ever does Dems.
Ronnie Earle. I was wondering if maybe he had relocated to Wisconsin after being disgraced in Texas. This does sound a lot like his type of scummy slime...but then, these are Democrats we're talking about. Every one of them leaves a trail of slime, like a slug, on everything they touch.
OK Mr. Boehner, the ball's in your court. Mr. Boehner? Hello...? Anyone home? Yoo-hoo...? (crickets...)
Oh c'mon rmt5 - even a couple thousand yards of Mossy Oak camouflage couldn't hide that much incompetence!
Nah - the Dems have thoroughly insured the insurers with the Obamacare bill, which pays them billions of our tax dollars if the exchange plans prove to be unprofitable...which they are. You want big business/ politician collusion? Look at the Demorats.
Great analysis! The only thing I might add would be to point out that any attempt to recover subsidies received fraudulently will be delayed until AFTER the elections in November.
Mmmm, no; W-a-a-a-a-y too late to be the first ones.
Wait 'til you see what gas prices are about to do, with the unrest in the Middle East. $4.00+ again before the end of July. But according to The (Lying) One, we don't need the Keystone pipeline either.
If the HHS investigation into this issue runs as smoothly as everything else they've touched I wouldn't worry about ever having to repay any subsidies - and besides, if the IRS contacts you about your financial records, an acceptable excuse is that your computer crashed and you've lost at least two years worth of data...
You left out incompetent, useless, and moronic when you listed the traits of this Admin.
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