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In It For The Long Haul

jbeck285 Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 1:35 PM
Wendy Long would be a household name if anybody knew who she was outside of New York City and Buffalo. Maybe she is limited by funds, but she has done a lot of high profile interviews but not been seen in most of New York State. Places like Watertown and Syracuse and Utica and Rochester are most assuredly voting Democrat as always - but Republicans/Conservatives have to keep FIGHTING in these areas. Go to these places ANYWAY! I went to get a Long yard sign and got a long runaround until I tracked one down in a backroom at Buerkles headquarrters. I mean c'mon folks. It's just a little over a month until the election and most people on the streets of cities across New York State don't even know Wendy Long. Sadly, Gillibrand will win.
jbeck285 Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 1:47 PM
.... Wendy Long's support staff has failed her. The little "county" GOP's have failed her across New York State. Before we can get a Republican in this coveted Senatorial position, we need to CLEAN OUT the GOP good ole boy cliques who control what the GOP does and doesn't do in towns and counties across this state. When I was in Onondaga County for instance, I tried to contact them repeatedly to volunteer or get yard signs in previous elections, including the last 2 Presidential races, and never even got a call back! If you aren't part of their little club, they don't give a rat's butt. It's time to end crony capitalism and clean out the old buzzards in Sarah Palin fashion.

If things were different, Wendy Long would be a household name. She'd be a heroine, and she'd be driving the election season.

But Long is the Republican running for Senate in New York, where calculations were made long ago to ensure that Republicans don't win Hillary Clinton's old spot, the old Daniel Patrick Moynihan seat. But such plans don't have to pan out.

Long is exactly the kind of woman the Senate needs. A former Supreme Court law clerk, she left private practice at an esteemed firm to build the Judicial Confirmation Network, a conservative advocacy group. This campaign is not the first...