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hahahahahah He can't even define HIS OWN RULE. testy wittle congressman ,isn't he.LMAO!!! Blame the Republicans even tho barney and friends told Bush that Fannie and Freddy were "doin fine". I can hardly wait til November!! The tea party just showed up and now He's gona try to blame them.Barney ,and all your friends on the demacRAT side ,if you "liked" the 2010 mid term BLOWOUT, YOU'RE gona love this next ELECTION!!! LMAO!!!!
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Forward? Out of the White House

jbeck Wrote: Jul 28, 2012 7:00 AM
zerobama should move FORWARD and save his daughters tha embarassment that he is bringing on them by being the most whining,moaning,complaining,and OVERALL PATHETIC person to hold the office of POTUS. I bet they are tellin him "it's alright daddy, we know you did and are doin the best you can, it's not your fault that you have never had a REAL job that your performance determined whether or not you got paid, Just admit that you are a FAILURE, again and lets MOVE ON FORWARD back home to chicago,daddy." I can hear them poor little girls sobbing as they try to console lil barr yobama :-(
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