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At first I thought you were going to say that the women on The View were totally out of touch with reality. They are! AND so is the Demoscratic Party. I don't know why people give any credibility to these totally biased kind of shows. I really admire Ann. What she says deserves to be listened to.
Thanks for this article. I wish more people were hearing this. My own doctor wonders if he can stay in practice if Obama care is fully implemented. As a patient, this scares me. I've had a decade of very poor health, beyond my control, and the thought of my care being "rationed" is truly awful.
Great article, Ann. The obvious needed to be spelled out so that Obama's blind followers might get it. Obama acted like a candidate for president, not like an incumbent. He has no record of fulfilling his promises to defend, so he just lies and attacks Romney. Maybe this works for some people. And maybe if he says it loudly and forcefullly enough people will believe it. No need for facts to back it up. No question who won...the one who didn't outright lie and have to make things up as he spoke. Also, why do people expect Romney to give full details and specifics of how his future plans will be worked out when Obama has had 4 years and has yet to give any details??
Romney did NOT say he wants to make the legal system easier so that the ILLEGALS will come in legally. That's an outright lie and distortion. If you can't score points with the truth, then just that your motto? He wants LEGAL immigrants to be able to come in without all the hassels currently in place...THUS PROMPTING OTHERS TO ENTER ILLEGALLY. Clean out your ears or your brain. Your biases are clearly affecting your hearing.
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Jbbnntt Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 12:04 PM
Obama made wordy statements with nothing to back them. He sounded like a candidate who wanted to BECOME President, not like an incumbent with accomplishments to point to. Did you catch the slip he made when he said "Well, when I was president…" Hmmm. He thinks lies are more believable because they're emphatic. Romney did a good job of pointing out that Obama's promises have been empty. Repetitive? That is very necessary. People don't get it otherwise. And Biden's rudeness during the Vice Presidential debate made Obama's interruptions more noticeable--people were watching for that. Obama's always angry on the stump? Yep, and it's very noticeable & not a pretty picture. Romney had more specifics than Obama. Romney won for content.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha HA! You're a prime example of liberals living in the past. If Obama is reelected, he will inherit HIS OWN mess.
Right on. I hope Romney's campaign adopts this! That's classic.
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Ann Coulter on "The View"

Jbbnntt Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 10:00 AM
It's easy to see that liberals, particularly those in the mainstream media and those in Hollywood, are so hooked on mythology and so unwilling to try to see things from a different point of view. They won't even give Ann a chance to fully state her point. They have their first impression from skimming her book--Their minds are made up so don't try to change them with facts. They don't care about facts...only about preserving a false image of Republicans and painting Democrats as the black person's saviors, when in fact they are using black people, talking down to them, crooning over them to stick to the party that "takes care" of them. Talk about living in the past! Whoopi wants to savor a party that wants to give everything to...
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Romney's Fumbles

Jbbnntt Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 11:59 AM
It's so easy to criticize. It sells. But behind the criticism there seems to be arrogance. Another armchair quarterback. Don't quote polls to me. Polls are skewed. Are you helping by dividing those who might otherwise vote for Romney? What's your point? That you are right. Right.
Matt, there is nothing wrong with Romney's (the Republicans!) campaign. You are adding to the their struggle to win this election by labeling it "his namby-pamby campaign against Barack Obama." YOU are giving Liberals more fire power. I don't see Romney's comments inappropriate at all, given who he was speaking about...a do-nothing, apologetic president who insults our allies and bows to our enemies. You call Romney "namby-pamby" as if he is not working hard enough (or visciously enough?) to win the election, then question how appropriate his comments are in a strong statement that makes an issue of Obama's bungling foreign policy, an issue that needs to be highlighted. Jimmy Carter quotes may be cute but not helpful. Quit the in-fighting.
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