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Well if old "Foot-in-the - mouth Biden is our Sheriff to guard the Taxpayer' s monies, he been A>W>O>L> for four years, THEN WHO IN THE H*** HAS BEEN TAKING HIS PLACE, ON ALL THESE CAMPAIGN STOPS?
Johnm h, You, nor any can tax a corporation! Any tax is ONLY the cost of doing business, and thus part of the cost of product or service, that YOU and I pay! This fact, known for eons, but never seems to enter the liberal mind, for some reason! WHY?
Some day {We can all hope!] the left will learn that TAXES life a cut artery will cause bleeding, with a human body or with the economy! The deeper the cut, the sooner the body and the economy will die! The more ANY Government takes out of any economy, the less there is for growth, and that's why all high tax nations have high unemployment and slow or no growth economies! Some day the P.L. Dems will "Get This" but don't hold your breath!
Fascism funny but that's the system , the ONLY system endorsed by Rome' s Church leaders! Google Pope Leo's encyclical letter about this via St. Thomas Aquinas Then learn the WHO that runs this world!
Over the long term, the market has made more millionaires than all other income sections but for Real Estate. That is not possible beyond the purchase of one's own home, for most of us, now is it?
YUP he's a Free-Mason 33rd degree thus answers to the Jesuits who answers to the Pope! WAKE UP!
YUP! but there was a billion write-offs that went with it, and many paid nothing, that's when and why the ATM tax Alternative Minimum Tax was passed into law!
SORRY saawshank, but the opposite of "Trickle down, MUST be "Trickle up" and the poor have no money to trickle anywhere! Bur If you are poor, can YOU give me a high paying job, with all the benefits? PLEASE? Seeing the poor out number the rich at least 1000 t0 1, that would make for "Full Employment over night, right?
ANY energy company that backs the ANTI_ Fossil fuel MR: ACORN for another term, MUST have a sweet-heart deal already in place! WHY? This "Abomination" is totally against any earth based energy system, in other words "If it ain't Green it don't mean a thing" with this joker! That's why our economy is in a free-fall!
Sorry, but as an EX-Canuck with family still living in the "Great White North", they are on par with us the U.S. and in many cases of socialism far ahead of us, that's why I am here! 4 truth
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Same Sex Marriage: A Child’s View

jbazen Wrote: Sep 25, 2012 10:38 AM
! Please, stand, walk, work, ONLY on e ONE leg! Can it be done? Yes, Difficult--extremely, and so is raising of a child with only a Mom or a dad, it's easier with both! 2> Now what IF all humans embrace this same sex stuff? Humanity would be soon EXTINCT, thus this proves it not normal! 4 truth.
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