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Really to you, is that all there is to it ? I teach young people one fact about life. Life will teach you hard way, guaranteed. The older you get, the wiser you become. Only to realize how wrong you were in your younger years. Did you ever ask yourself why this man in a captivated audience feels he has a right to express his personal opinion on these students? Here is some wisdom for you. The Liberal have infield traded into the classroom to brain wash our youth. Contrary to anything you may think or hear, the Democrats have a sinister plan going on. Only fools can not think for themselves.
It is apparent that DHS, the NSA, and FBI is not doing their jobs. This is purely a terrorist website and it is allowed to continue.
I like Larry Elder he is stating facts Piers Moron can't debate so Piers is trying to turn the topic against Larry Elder. Piers is not having much success. You have been had Piers.
Typical Socialist and Communist agenda. Only they have a voice in the matter and no one else is allowed to have a voice. The NAACP needs to be disband by the government.
This idiot has not information on a subject matter that she represents? What stupidity!
I changed the channel when he was coming on to speak. I knew his talk was going to be about himself. I am offended he used and disrespected the Temple of God for his propaganda machine. We know he does not respect our Constitution; he has made that very clear. Now he blows off the Separation of Church and State to uses a church for his self glory.
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