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Who Will Receive Obama’s Next Handout?

jb168 Wrote: Aug 20, 2012 10:29 AM
Eighty days? Try 155 days: It's another 75 days after the election until the man is out of office...If he leaves peaecably, that is. Don't you think, if it's close in a state that makes the difference, like Ohio, that the Administration will parade some toothless old black woman, whose grandpa was a slave, shreiking about how she was not allowed to vote because she had no drivers license? "You mean my vote don't count?" You think it's beyond Eric Holder's Chutzpah to invalidate the vote in any state?
It’s difficult to find time to govern between golfing and hobnobbing with celebrities for campaign donations, just ask President Obama. But when he does find time to bill taxpayers for his supposedly non-campaign speeches, he decides to speak to just one swath of American voters at a time.

That’s because he’s given up even pretending to be concerned with all Americans. In this election year, he has decided to focus only on helping those who will likely vote for him, trying to bribe them into turning out for him in November in large numbers. His focus has been on...