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Obamacare Ruling Should Be Last Straw for Constitutionalists

jb168 Wrote: Jul 07, 2012 8:50 AM
In the days preceding the issuance of the Obamacare decision, I was struck by something very bizarre about the whole circus; something nobody in any media noted: There was a sense of complete mystery, as if this bunch of 9 people were going to issue a decision based on some secret document. As if: 'Thursday we will find out what the Constitution says!', as if the Constitution were written in some archaic language nobody understands anymore except a handful of scholars in black robes. Hello!!! The US constitution is written in PLAIN ENGLISH, and it is the responsibility of EVERY US CITIZEN to interpret it! That this view should seem so foreign explains why our republic is in such deep trouble. God, help us!

Chief Justice John Roberts may have unintentionally given those of us who consider ourselves Constitutionalists a favor.

By doing more damage to the U.S. Constitution in one week than many liberals hope in a lifetime to achieve, Roberts may have finally compelled us to the courage of conviction that will restore the rule of law in America.

Roberts was the deciding in vote in the U.S. Supreme Court telling the sovereign state of Arizona it has no authority to enforce the U.S. Constitution, even though the sovereign states preceded the Constitution, and the Constitution required ratification from the states to become...