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Just lawyers letting no crisis pass without trying to make $$... Shame on them for the suit without knowing basic gun facts.
Even in civilized societies there are evil people. They are called 'criminals'.
All the more reason we need a national reciprocity law!
Just sent this to the park: Thank you for not allowing admittance to the park to one Corporal Mario Alejandro wearing his Marine supporting, Second Amendment supporting t- shirt. Your message is very clear; you have no use for vets or the Constitution of the United States. Sorry, but I'm sure there are many of us that finds THIS offensive. We will NOT be patronizing you facility. We'll also be spreading the word to our friends concerning you conduct. This is a "neutral comment." You do as you will and we'll do as we will.
NJ does have CCW reciprocity with some states, but not PA. We need the national reciprocity agreement that is in Congress now. There is a patchwork quilt CCW approval in place now. This is not acceptable. Driver's licenses are recognized, CCW licenses should be as well. http://www.usacarry.com/concealed_carry_permit_reciprocity_maps.html
Gov., How is making laws tougher for carrying a weapon on school grounds stop any crime? Criminal ignore laws, that's why they are criminals. This is just another instance where the law punishes or harasses the innocent for the deeds of the guilty.
The President continues to provide weapons to the Muslims that want to kill us, but want's to take away our weapons. I think it tells us who he supports!
Then the vegetarians can complain...
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