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Funny! From one who spent his entire eight years of his life trashing Bush and Cheney.
I went to the Ohio rally this evening. Lots and lots of people there. Great speakers. Marco Rubio and Rudy Guiliano gave great speeches.
Nope. Under Obamacare you can't purchase medical care privately. Only what's mandated by the law.
onto the ashheap of history. Ambassador Stevens and three brave Americans died on September 11; that is also the day our freedoms died. Tyrone Woods manned a machine gun for our Country, to save the president's personal envoy, and our president went to a fundraiser and says nothing about what he did and what the people surrounding him did that night. Four Americans died in vain and their heroic actions are lost forever because we, safe at home, think his silence is acceptable.
Today, I woke up a pessimist about America. Party loyalty is transcending the very ideals of our Nation. We can no longer count on our citizens to do the right thing for the Country. The very people who admonish and demonize Bush for getting tangled up in Iraq and Afghanistan are now supporting a covert revolutionary action in the Middle East meant to undermine our principles and support nation states that have a political religion that destroys the very essence of free men everywhere. I'm saddened by all who think that "party loyalty" is more important than unseating a man who wants to be a "transformational president" righting past wrongs and perceived injustices with the present set of principles that we live by every day being tosse
I think if the affirmative action president gets reelected, Americans will forever be changed. Not America, but its citizens. We would have installed again a person who is deceitful, dishonest, lying, divisive, and has the wrong vision of our Country. I'm appalled when I see interviews and speeches where he says "we can't go back; we have to continue the work we've started; we have to finish the transformation...." and no one asks him what he means. I just don't understand why or how blind a Nation's citizens can be. The facts are right in front of their noses, but because of a party ideology, they are selling out their Country to an interloper on our freedoms. Why? "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction"
I do think you may have had a brain idea. THe first one. The problem is we're all not contributing for what it takes to run the federal government based upon the enumerated powers in the Constitution. The problem with the politics since Wilson forward, is the federal government is doing what it is not designed to do and the politicians are buying our votes to it to us. We would all be better off if the federal government would only do what it was designed to do, then we wouldn't have constant class warfare and government teatitis.
Are you referring to those same medical doctors who, per OBama, chop off diabetics feet because they get more money from Medicare to do that? Or, those same medical doctors who unnecessarily removes tonsils of children because they get more money from Medicare? Just wondering which medical profession you're referring to?
Just for you: the typo word is "capitalism" I doubt if you've heard of it.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! First from the left: Oh, be terrified of the man who believes in GOd; then from the left: be terrified of the man who loves capitalim; then from the left: be terrified of the man who has the same wife for 43 years; then from the left: be terrified of the man who has a beautiful family of 5 boys; then from the left: be terrified of the man who hasn't paid taxe for 10 years; then from the left: be terrified of the man who gives, oops: $35M to charity; yet, be terrified of the man who has no beliefs. Ha. ha. ha. ha. ha.
Yeah, like the buffoon Schultz who called a woman talk show host a b**ch and wished she would die from cancer; or Bill Maher, whose sh** doesn't stink; or David Letterman who wishes a 10 year old girl would be raped by an adult male. Let's talk about it.
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