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Sorry. But becoming more like your opponent and his balkanization of America is not a winning issue with me. We've played the "two-fer" game for so long (black female/racial preferences/affirmative action) that minorities actually believe that they are "making" it based upon their intelligence and superior qualifications. That's what we have in the White House, again.
We've become an "emoting" Nation instead of a voting Nation. Sad.
What I heard from the horse's mouth yesterday was: "We cannot spend out way to prosperity." Which is what he did with $837B. This he cannot undo.
Oops! I forgot about the "white men" who liberated thousands of blacks in the Civil War, died liberating millions in WW I and WWII; transferred billions to rebuild entire countries devastated; gave their blood for this Nation in 1776. Yep, those "old white men," are to be stomped down and spit upon. You disgust me.
I detect a whiff of "racist rants" from a democrat. Yep, those "old white men" are still a threat to their socialist ways. Yep, those same "old white men" who in 1965 gave non-European countries a leg up on immigration here; in 1939 gave them SS; in 1965 gave them Medicare and welfare and food stamps; in 1972 gave them affirmative action. I guess those "old white men" should just slink back into the cave where they belong. You are pathetic.
This is funny! A liberal trying to insist that the military soldiers who actually get shot at by enemies, follow the rules, but Democrat precinct workers shouldn't have to.
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The President's Alternate Universe

jayzee Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 8:23 AM
I think one only has to point to the bankruptcy of the SS program and the Medicare program to make a point about democrats and their vision for the Country. They vision in both cases was to build "party" not Country.
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Tie Ballgame

jayzee Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 12:34 PM
I'm just praying that the polled are pulling an Obama - lying.
I do believe it was CLinton who had Osama Bin Laden caught (in the Saudi hands who offered to give him to us) and refused. I think you need to bone up on your history, bud. Furthermore, it was Clinton and his cronies who built the wall surrounding the CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies. Read the bipartisan 9/11 Commision report - you can find copies of it fairly cheaply now. If you want to protect yourself and your family, I suggest you start reading and learning.
Nice try! Let's see the party that supports death over life in all things from babies born alive to seniors needing end of life care, and the elimination of God in our political makeup, lines up front and center with the Nazis.
Funny! From one who spent his entire eight years of his life trashing Bush and Cheney.
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