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She tried to "go blonde" several years ago which was an insult to blonde haired women everywhere.
Exactly. Well said. The purpose/objective of feminism is to overcome the "paternal" nature of our English society. It just so happens that with the coming of the birth control pill, the two collided and throw in the '60s crowd with their "free love" and we've had a societal meltdown for the past 50 years. The feminists dare not point to the fact that since the founding of our Nation, men have stood up and married widows and raised other men's children. Some of the past may not have been right at all times, but not all of it was wrong.
It's not "them" telling "how to live your life" it's them telling the government what the government can't "make you do." Once you understand this, it becomes clearer. If I don't want to pay for someone's abortion, I shouldn't have to. That is living my life the way I want to without government interfering. The Constitution is a "contract" between the government and its citizens. When the government breaks the "contract" it's up to these people to uphold it. Sad to say, few in America understand this.
To tg7211: Well, I guess the "rule of law" doesn't apply to everyone equally; if bankruptcy had been the process, everyone would have shared and sacrificed equally. As it is, some benefited more than others. Sad to say, typical argument from a democrat: "It's only important that I or (fill in the blank whatever democrat constituency you want) gets theirs. To hell with what's "right."
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Abraham Lincoln

jayzee Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 10:01 AM
Well, I do believe that Mr. Williams missed the obvious. Lincoln couldn't set the slaves free in the "neutral" states and risk their secession as well into the fold of the Confederacy. Not only that, but there were political factions in the "northern" states who didn't want the slaves freed at all. He missed the boat on this one Williams did.
This is a joke. Where was the stern warning to Obama and the critique of his budget? Nowhere to be seen.
What the government wants to get what you paid in, if you die without collecting, they are ahead of the game and can then redistribute it to others. Get it? It's not about "fairness" or "right," it's about the game to them and buying votes. That's why they set the age for retirement to 65 when the average longevity age was 55.
run ethanol scam to continue along with payments for not growing crops, so they feel no pain. Eliminated Romney voter. So what you have left is 64% of the population working and remove the female who wants abortion on demand and contraceptives and someone who "cares about them" and Romney gets the 47% remaining. Sad to say, I sent his campaign emails that he had the 47% backwards.
calculated poverty. Eliminated Romney voter. Elderly - they feel no pain; the SS checks and doctor bills are continuing to be paid. Eliminated Romney voter. College children - they feel no pain; their Pell grants and government subsidized loans will continue and most are still on their parents' dole. Eliminated Romney voter. Hispanics - Obama gave them by illegal executive order citizenship so now they can get the government goodies. Eliminated Romney voter. Blacks - well, you know the story there. Entire cities decimated by democrat leadership for decades, yet they feel no pain. Those on generational welfare want no jobs. They just want checks to keep on coming. Eliminated Romney voter. Farmers - They want the silly government
Look, here's why Romney lost. The only ones feeling pain in this economy are the private market producers. Obama said as much with "the private market is doing just fine." What he is saying is don't expect any help from him because he doesn't believe in the private market to begin with. People on welfare feel no pain because they get a check. Their heating bills go up, they get subsidized. Food bill go up, they get an increase in food stamps. They were eliminated as a Romney voters. People who work in government feel no pain. They've continued to get raises and no layoffs. Eliminated as voters. Single mothers feel no pain. They will continue to get the earned income tax credit from taxpayers to "raise them out of government-
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