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Academic Dishonesty

jayzee Wrote: Sep 19, 2012 2:20 PM
It's called "moral relativism" and pretty much reached a crescendo in the '60s with the hippies. Drugs, uninhibited sex without consequences (you can just abort later), murder of the rich, all police are pigs, etc. We are now living with the hippies and their children running our colleges, universities, undergraduate schools, and our governments. The real disgusting part is they were the privileged class back then (college instead of Vietnam) and are still the privileged class today (college instead of Iraq/Afghanistan). The ones who made it through college on their own or with their parents struggling to find a way, are the ones who understand what we are about to lose.
Many of the nation's colleges and universities have become cesspools of indoctrination, intolerance, academic dishonesty and an "enlightened" form of racism. This is a decades-old trend. In a 1991 speech, Yale President Benno Schmidt warned: "The most serious problems of freedom of expression in our society today exist on our campuses. The assumption seems to be that the purpose of education is to induce correct opinion rather than to search for wisdom and to liberate the mind."

Unfortunately, parents, taxpayers and donors have little knowledge of the extent of the dishonesty and indoctrination. There are several clues for telling...