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Under Fire

Jay Wye Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 7:12 PM
the FACT is,nothing HAS changed;HAMAS is STILL totally committed to the destruction of Israel. It's even written in their Constitution or Charter. So,there can be no "negotiation" with them. only fools like yourself think so. and THEY are the "rightful",duly-elected LEADERS of the "Palestinians". It's amazing Israel has been so restrained towards them,despite the losses Israel suffers.Someday,Israel will learn.

SDEROT, ISRAEL – This small, working-class Israeli city on the edge of the Negev Desert, home to refugees from Muslim lands, Ethiopia, Eastern Europe and elsewhere, is world-famous for one thing only: The missiles that have rained down on it for years, fired from Hamas-controlled Gaza just a mile away.

Behind the police station, the best preserved rockets are kept in a metal-and-glass case, the kind you might use to store odds and ends in your garage. The mangled and rusted remains of scores more rest in a separate metal rack unprotected from the elements.

More than twenty types of missiles...