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Teacher: Hurricane Sandy a Result of 'Massive Theft of Atmospheric Commons'

Jay Wye Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 6:54 PM
it may already be too late. I have serious doubts that it can be reversed before we go over the real cliff,or are weakened enough that we're destroyed from outside. It's too deeply entrenched,and there's not enough time left.
Social justice activist teachers see natural disasters like the recent Hurricane Sandy as opportunities to bring their political agendas into the classroom.

And they rarely miss an opportunity.

Writing for the far-left Zinn Education Project (named for the late communist professor Howard Zinn), Portland, Oregon high school teacher Tim Swinehart opined:

“Hurricane Sandy, and the superstorms that will follow, are not just acts of nature—they are products of a massive theft of the atmospheric commons shared by all life on the planet. Every dollar of profit made by fossil fuel companies relies on polluting our shared atmosphere...