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Problems Solutions and Trade Offs II

Jay Wye Wrote: Sep 10, 2012 10:23 AM
sorry,but a fertilized egg or embryo is NOT a human being. it may never attach to the uterus,or may never develop a brain and a soul. many embryos never attach and are flushed out during menses. just because a lump of cells has human DNA does not make it a human being. A tumor also has that DNA,and we regularly excise them.
Most of my columns are meant to expose the hypocrisy of self-described liberals who have taken over our institutions of higher learning. However, on some occasions, I attempt to address misguided thinking among self-described conservatives. An example is my recent column “Romney and the Rapist,” which was described by many readers as either “weird” or “convoluted” or both. Those descriptions are indeed accurate and reflect the intention behind the controversial essay. It was my intention to write a column that would identify absurd arguments as a means of drawing out the flawed reasoning of those who would support Romney’s proposed rape...