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Oh, We Forgot to Tell You ...

Jay Wye Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 6:44 PM
Comrade Hussein is ALREADY engaged in ruin for America. "once is accidental,twice is coincidence,three times is enemy action." Comrade Obama blocked nuclear power by closing Yucca Mountain,is going after coal via EPA,has blocked Gulf and ANWR oil drilling,and is now going after fracking,doing everything possible to block US oil production. He killed the Keystone XL pipeline. Coal,oil,and nuclear is over 70% of US energy sources. See a pattern here? there's a concerted effort by Comrade Obama to reduce US energy supplies,which DIRECTLY diminishes the US economy. Then there's the LOST treaty and it's "redistribution of wealth". It's all part of his efforts to weaken the US economically,politically,and militarily.
crs2000 Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 9:12 AM
you are right... but do not give Obama credit... he is the puppet to the World Power Player.... rich families that control, school, corp and gov... (sometimes call the New World Order -- NWO)... so yes... you are right but the direction to enslave us and take our rights is from above Obama... and Most ... most do not see this... look over 50% ( at least we think.. if not fraud ) voted for him... Obama... the media has done their job... very sad for us in the USA and the world in general... :*(
Jay Wye Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 6:45 PM
He's already insulted our allies and aided our enemies,blocked military equipment such as fighter jets,downsizing the military,and qu eered up the military.
And now he wants to cut our nuclear inventory to 300-400 warheads,after shutting down most anti-ballistic missile defense,leaving us vulnerable to a first strike. Unilateral action,not getting ANY matching cuts from Russia and China. Comrade Hussein signed New START that cuts our nuclear weaponry,but allows Russia to build UP to the limits,and doesn't affect China at all.
Comrade Obama IS the muslim Manchurian Candidate.
The second-term curse goes like this: A president (e.g., Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, etc.) wins re-election, but then his presidency implodes over the next four years -- mired in scandals or disasters such as Watergate, Iran-Contra, Monica Lewinsky, the Iraqi insurgency and Hurricane Katrina.

Apparently, like tragic Greek heroes, administrations grow arrogant after their re-election wins. They believe that they are invincible and that heir public approval is permanent rather than fickle.

The result is that Nemesis zeroes in on their fatal conceit and with a boom corrects their hubris. Or is the...