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Newtown, and a New America

Jay Wye Wrote: Dec 24, 2012 1:12 PM
A popular misconception is that teachers or other school employees are a "worse threat" to the students (that is REALLY irrational) and ineffective against an armed intruder. That is untrue. Any armed school person would have to have a concealed carry permit,and permit holders have proven themselves to be safe and law-abiding,in EVERY US state that issues the permits.There's no reason or evidence to believe that permit holders would act any different on school grounds than they do in other public places. There's no evidence that a permittee would shoot an innocent,that just has not happened (by a permit holder) in real life,after decades of CC and thousands of defensive gun uses.
Tampa Tom Wrote: Dec 24, 2012 1:50 PM
Jay, and to add to your thoughts about teachers or other employees being a "worse threat", just how many examples are there about mass killings in our school being committed by them when they're already in a gun-free area NOW and could do so at any time? If one of the six adults who tried to defend the children at Sandy" had a gun instead of just her body to fight off the shooter, things might have turned out differently. If the shooter knew there were arms in the school, might he have not EVEN TRIED?

An entire country is in shock as we continue to watch the funerals of these innocent children and adults in Connecticut. It's not merely shock, but horror and revulsion, at the second-bloodiest school shooting in our history. It is sickening even to rank them in this way, to admit that there have been so many as to require it, but it is true: yet another child has killed yet more children in cold blood.

We don't have to worry about foreign terrorists coming to our country: we are better at hurting ourselves than they are at hurting us, and we always...