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Newtown, and a New America

Jay Wye Wrote: Dec 24, 2012 12:54 PM
in every one of these school shootings,the kids in a classroom under attack are all on the floor trying to "get small" and hopefully not be noticed by the shooter. They have NO chance of making it to the lone door where the shooter came in. they are not "running around with their hair on fire". Thus,the shooter is an easy target for an armed ODC. the range is CLOSE,not more than 20 feet. just about anybody can hit a guy from that distance,80 yr old Grandmas have done it,and with little or no training.

An entire country is in shock as we continue to watch the funerals of these innocent children and adults in Connecticut. It's not merely shock, but horror and revulsion, at the second-bloodiest school shooting in our history. It is sickening even to rank them in this way, to admit that there have been so many as to require it, but it is true: yet another child has killed yet more children in cold blood.

We don't have to worry about foreign terrorists coming to our country: we are better at hurting ourselves than they are at hurting us, and we always...