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Message For International Election Meddlers: “Butt Out”

Jay Wye Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 7:32 PM
when idiots like Al Franken get elected by bogus recounts and "discovered" ballots,then I'm NOT so proud of the US election process. When US military members are denied absentee ballots,or they are "delayed" or turned in late,I'm REALLY not proud of my country's administration. When requiring a photo-ID to vote is considered "racism" or "bigotry" or some other nonsense,then I'm embarrassed at my country's administration.

When I voted yesterday in Smyrna, Georgia, I exchanged pleasantries with poll workers, watched children waiting patiently in line with their parents, and shook hands with a local candidate I know. It was, despite the Rainy Day in Georgia, a thoroughly pleasant and uplifting experience – as voting in a free country should be. Unfortunately, but reflecting a clear trend toward confrontational voting, some voters in other communities and states were not so fortunate.

In some areas, such as Philadelphia, so-called “New Black Panther Party” members, decked out in black berets, metal insignias, sunglasses and special forces-styled black jackets, stationed themselves...