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Loose Lips and False Fairness Sink Battleships

Jay Wye Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 12:13 PM
and today we have sub-launched anti-ship cruise missiles,wake-homing torpedoes,supercavitating torpedoes. there are Backfire and Blackjack supersonic bombers for anti-ship attack. ships are more vulnerable than ever. Instead of massed fighter attacks on a carrier,there will be massed sea-skimming,supersonic cruise missile attacks PLUS torpedoes in the water. Perhaps even ballistic missile attacks on the carrier. you can be sure that there's a US sub or two also guarding that carrier group,unseen,but still nearby.

I guess coming into the week less than 5% of the electorate is “undecided” for next Tuesday so many today’s jobs number will influence their decision. I find it interesting how last minute voters break. It’s like seeing virtue in the guy that makes a last second shot in a professional basketball game after missing all night and his team still loses by a mile.

But that’s the way it goes and thus we are in for a nail-biter in just a few days. 100 hours of nail-biting over the election is nothing considering how gut-wrenching worry over the economy...

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