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Kept Conservatives: Prominent Right-Wingers Who Sound Very Liberal

Jay Wye Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 7:09 PM
that's STILL too long a time in Congress. either two terms in either house and then go home,or one term in each house then go home,no more government jobs,period. the less time they "serve",the less chance of them developing "relationships" with lobbyists and businesses,and becoming corrupted. Also no gov't pension,no perks and privileges. NO careers in Congress/government.

We’ve had a wide variety of conservative: the neo-cons, the paleo-cons and most recently the crunchy cons. Have you ever noticed how many of the most prominent conservative voices in America sound more like liberals? I have, and I believe they are in class all their own: they have a special mission and fit a particular profile.

They are what I like to call ‘kept cons.’ They are ‘kept’ by liberals in that kept cons generally work for liberal institutions and seem to fill the role of token conservative; they write conservative columns for national liberal newspapers...

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