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Is Turkey Leaving the West

Jay Wye Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 11:41 AM
If Turkey goes with China and Russia,then the Dardanelles is open to Russian warships and the Caucasian former SSRs and Eastern Europe are cut off from the West. also,any chance of AEGIS ABM deployments in the Black Sea are gone. Besides cutting Turkey out of NATO,we should consider retaking the west side of the Dardanelles,that the turks invaded so long ago. it used to be part of Byzantium,IIRC.

Recent steps taken by the Government of Turkey suggest it may be ready to ditch the NATO club of democracies for a Russian and Chinese gang of authoritarian states.

Here is the evidence:

Starting in 2007, Ankara applied three times unsuccessfully to join as a Guest Member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (or SCO, informally known as the Shanghai Five). Founded in 1996 by the Russian and Chinese governments, along with three (and in 2001 a fourth) former Soviet Central Asian states, the SCO has received minimal attention in the West, although it has grand security and other aspirations, including...