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Gun Sales Up

Jay Wye Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 9:46 PM
most states do not have gun registration. only if they seize the Form 4473's from gun dealers(as in Red Dawn) will they know if you've got guns. Gun dealers should have their 4473s wired for fast destruction if the FEDGOV tries to seize them for gun confiscation or registration.

After President Obama was elected in 2008, gun sales skyrocketed for four years. Now that Obama is due for a second term, those sales continue to climb.

Owners of some Houston gun shops say they have noticed an increase of gun sales since President Barack Obama's re-election, and attribute the rush to the president's reference in a debate to renewing an assault rifle ban.

Jim and Joy Pruett, who have run Jim Pruett's Guns and Ammo for 11 years, said sales have gone "through the roof" since Election Day. "We haven't been able...

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