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Groundhog Day: Middle East Version

Jay Wye Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 7:59 AM
to solve a problem,first one must recognize that there IS a problem. Mr.Thomas correctly points out that the problem is both sides keep doing the same thing over and over,and it hasn't worked yet for either side. History has shown,if you fail to win your war,the problem reoccurs later. Korea,Vietnam,Afghanistan,Iraq,etc.,all prematurely stopped,all stayed a problem. Israel mistakenly keeps accepting a "ceasefire" while HAMAS doesn't accept it,merely using it to recover and rearm for the next set of attacks. HOW doe you negotiate with someone committed to destroying you? You can't. You have to beat them down until they either change their mind (surrender) or die.

In the film "Groundhog Day," Bill Murray wakes up each morning and relives the previous day.

A similar scenario is playing out in the Middle East between Israel and her enemies. The deadly "movie" always goes like this: Israel is shelled or attacked by terrorists groups, often called "militants" by the media, each one with the same goal: Israel's elimination. After demonstrating considerable restraint of the kind that would never be tolerated by any other nation, Israel fires back.

Suddenly, the world awakens from its indifference. World leaders, who said little when Israeli civilians were wounded and killed, now...