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Bob Costas and the Media Miss the Real Problem

Jay Wye Wrote: Dec 09, 2012 10:44 AM
the media does not publicize lawful DGUs. (defensive gun uses) they only get minimal local coverage. Only when there's a Trayvon Martin is there national coverage. (Trayvon actually was a burglar-thief;he was caught at his Miami school with a "burglar tool" and 12 pieces of womens jewelry in his backpack,supporting Zimmerman's claim of Tray "acting suspiciously")

Bob Costas, an admitted ignoramus on the issue of the Second Amendment, chose halftime in a nationally broadcast football game to infect the world with his uneducated opinion on gun rights.

Speaking about Jovan Belcher, the NFL player who killed his girlfriend then committed suicide, Costas missed the point completely – as did the equally ignorant sports columnist Jason Whitlock. It wasn’t “loose gun laws” that sparked this tragedy. If anything, it had to do with how we treat celebrities.

Costas and Whitlock have the right to their opinions – and the Democrat Media Complex has the right to amplify...