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20 Reasons America Is Becoming An Increasingly Nonfunctional Society

Jay Wye Wrote: Feb 09, 2013 8:06 AM
Never forget that the socialists have a dominance at nearly every university,and at most every public grade school. socialist indoctrination begins at an early age and continues throughout high school and college. THAT is what is really hurting America,and I'm not so sure we can overcome it,it may already be too late. it took a long time for the commies to become entrenched in education,and it will take a long time to weed them out,if it can be done at all.

1) Starting in the sixties there was an explosion of children born out-of-wedlock and kids who don't grow up in two parent families fare more poorly percentage wise on just about any and every scale imaginable including substance abuse, teenage pregnancies, suicide rates, criminality and homelessness.

2) Many people are becoming so childlike in their dependence on the government that they can't save for their own retirement, escape from an oncoming hurricane, or even purchase their own birth control without the government handling it for them.

3) Our legal system encourages frivolous lawsuits, is punitively expensive...