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It has become painfully obvious that the AFC act was a complete ruse designed to distribute wealth while controlling the lives of americans not yet seen in this country. I have voted for Dems before, but never again! If we are smart, we will elect a veto proof congress and repeal this law along with thousands of job killing regulations this administration has foisted upon us. ENOUGH!
Just exactly what has either Senator or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accomplished while in office? (other than gaining forty pounds?)
The deeper they buy into Alinsky tactics, the less ability they have for critical thinking. Just my conclusion. This film completely explains the critical importance of a natural born citizen for president. Could ot be more clear.
Perhaps republicans should do leftie spotting in NC. It would be easy, highlight the truly ugly as they are the ones who are indeed the marxists. It grows from the inside out. How else could all that hate manifest itself?
Not one shred of dignity left in the presidency! This error must be corrected in November.
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Bang the Socialism Drum Loudly

Jayne2 Wrote: May 05, 2012 6:44 PM
Please get a copy of the movie "Agenda". It clearly shows what has happened to America, and why. We are way down the socialism road already. The environmental lies are also being promoted by our public schools. I am puzzled by the number of Jewish people who back a president who backs the Palistinians over them, our friends and neighbors. He holds them in disdain! Yet 61% line up behind him, why?
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