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Harry Reid defines corruption. Still to be answered is why 52 other ranchers were run off their land, and by whom? Not to mention under whose orders... I understand that Harry Reid made his fortune by doing land deals in Nevada. Land deals with whom? Many unanswered questions abound.
John McCain has been sanctioned by his own party here in AZ, first by the county republican precincts, then by the entire state republicans. He didn't get the message then and he won't now. He, like most establishment republicans, is evidently learning impaired. He has been so busy garnering favor from the liberal progressives, he has become one. Time for the old guard to stand down and allow the right headed conservatives to lead. Having served and been a prisoner of war is an admirable achievement, however it does not qualify one to be a senator by any means.
Numbers put together by NYT and CBS outright stink! Can you imagine what the real numbers are? BTW the 6% are the Dems that voted for it.
You lie, I'll swear to it! The creed of the liberals! Neither truth nor logic need enter the discussion.
I'll tell you what Hillary achieved in all her travels. She managed to eat her way into a whole new wardrobe by gaining at least forty pounds... Other than spending a huge amount of ax payer dollars, she made zero achievements. BTW why not ask the ame question about her time in the senate.
Perhaps many more young people have googled a video of an actual abortion sonogram. Maybe they literally seen a small infant being torn apart be the vacuum tube while struggling to get away from it. Abortion is murder! A fetus is human life. Preventing pregnancy is easy, be responsible, not lethal.
The three longest and most devastating times of unemployment have been brought about, not solved by, liberal progressives AKA Democrats. The leaders during those times: FDR, Jimmy Carter and Barach Obama. They have managed defeat and orchestrated devasting and longlasting downturns. Wake up, do some research, stop being Sheeple!
There are some so blind they will not see. They still like Obozo! I believe their zealotry has rendered them learning impaired... They're still watching MSNBC!
GWB had a tough time and some major screw ups. That said, he genuinely had the people of this country at the fore of his thoughts. He swore to protect and serve. He did that. Remember, it was the press and the eft that continuously cried recession etc while unemployment was in the fours... Saul Alinsky lives in the hearts and mind of liberals rendering them incapable of allowing truth or logic to enter. Bush was hated because of the press and the left, Obama is hated because he is corrupt and interested only in his power not to mention his hedonistic lifestyle.
You presuppose BHO gives a rip about the citizens of the country. He is no more than a narcissistic megalomaniac.
It has become painfully obvious that the AFC act was a complete ruse designed to distribute wealth while controlling the lives of americans not yet seen in this country. I have voted for Dems before, but never again! If we are smart, we will elect a veto proof congress and repeal this law along with thousands of job killing regulations this administration has foisted upon us. ENOUGH!
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