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BREAKING: North Carolina Votes to Ban Same Sex Marriage

jaybird8 Wrote: May 08, 2012 10:53 PM
Sodomy is anything but "gay." We need to take the word gay back from the perverts. And yes, let them call their pairings "marriage." They only want equality! How dare we deny them their rights! Next legalize pedophilia. This is another persecuted minority! All pedophiles ask is equal rights! As guaranteed by the Constitution! And polygamy! Consider the persecuted and disrespected polygamists! All they want is equal rights under the law! How dare we judge their love and (multiple) commitments! What have numbers to do with anything when love is involved? And the bestialists! They only want equal rights to express their love of animals! Who are we not to allow the union of a man and a sheep to be called a marriage? Shame on us bigots!

North Carolina voters, an important election 2012 swing state demographic, have approved a constitutional amendment that bans gay marriage and defines marriage as between one man and one woman. The amendment also bans civil unions. More from the National Journal:

The Associated Press declared Amendment 1 passed. With 39 percent of precincts reporting, the measure has 58 percent support.

The vote came as President Obama has been facing criticism from his base for not coming out in favor of gay marriage, even as several of his Cabinet officials have expressed support. The most recent...